Why Do We Need Waterproofing?

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Every time a builder constructs a building, his main aim is to make sure that the construction is done using durable materials and lasts for the longest time possible. Every home owner dreams and wants his home to be the best in the neighborhood. So, what do you do when you realize that there is a small leak in the ceiling and water is dripping into your living room?

The first thing that crosses your mind is to contact the nearest waterproofing service and get a complete servicing done. Do you realize that other than the ceiling there might be many more areas in the house that needs special attention with respect to waterproofing? Let us consider all the different areas in our homes that are most vulnerable to cracks and water leaks.

Floor areas like the bathroom or shower areas, corners of kitchens and outgoing drainage sources are among the most likely places for cracks. Small leaks that occur along the wall lining expand later on and cover the entire length of the wall. Cracks occurring in these parts of the house usually cause water damage to surrounding areas too.

Moisture saturation occurs in the timber wall frame, floor timbers, floor boards, and door jambs for many reasons like seasonal changes or faulty pipelines or sewage. It is evident that these lead to ugly damp patches on your wall and can mar their appearance. In addition, wet rot is a disaster to the hygiene of the indwellers.

Basement and crawl space walls crack as do foundation walls. This happens due to the expansion and contraction of the soil that surrounds these regions. Harmful stains and moulds on the floor or wall linings can have a corrosive effect on the surfaces. Often wall and ceiling gryprock linings have a breakdown which leads to ugly fissures. Apart from these reasons you could also have carpet damage, or harm to bathroom vanity units.

Usually, while undertaking the waterproofing of your house you should first contact a reliable waterproofing agent who can give you proper services. Next, you should get the agent to check the entire house for water leakage or possible cracks. The agent makes an estimate of the cost involved in this procedure and gives you the figures and the time required to complete the proofing process

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