What Types Of Chalkboards Are On The Market?

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Over the last few decades, the simple chalkboard has come a long way. What was once a slate that students completed their schoolwork on has now become a visually appealing feature of the classroom and home. If you are interested in installing a chalkboard in your home or school, this helpful guide may help you to decide on which one is best for your needs.

• Magnetic

These chalkboards are generally made out of steel and coated with a magnetic porcelain finish. This board is then framed with a sleek timber and often comes fully equipped with a rail to store chalk, erasers and so on. Many people prefer to use magnetic chalkboards over other kinds, as it enables them to stick papers, charts and other important documents to the board (using magnets) instead of copying the information down.

• Lap

Basically, this is just a smaller version of a normal chalkboard and is often given to young children for use. For many kids, the use of these chalkboards can help to encourage the development of their writing skills, and many teachers prefer them as it cuts down the use of paper in the classroom.

• Multi-Task

These chalkboards are generally used in schools and other educational vocations. There is a range of unique attachments available for these chalkboards, allowing teachers to store books and other paraphernalia within easy access of their teaching space.

• Menu

You are likely to spot this highly durable chalkboard being used in cafes, coffee shops, restaurants and other hospitality and commercially based businesses. Staff use these chalkboards to quickly and efficiently writing the days specials, and it allows these menu items can be altered at will.

• Decorative

These chalkboards are great for children who seem to have difficulty concentrating and focusing for long periods of time – after all, who wouldn’t want to do their school work on a board shaped like a lion or a banana? These chalkboards are also commonly used by adults in offices or shops that want to add a little interest to their daily notices.

• Combination

A combination board is one that not only includes a chalkboard – it includes a whiteboard or a pinboard as well. These types of boards are highly useful, especially for teachers, as it provides a range of surfaces for them to utilize.

There is a huge range of chalkboards on the market – from funky shaped boards to a magnetic surface. Think about what you intend to use your chalkboard for, then make a decision based on this. Do you want to encourage your students to concentrate more on their work? Or let users know about your latest specials? There is a chalkboard for you!

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